The Birth of V:IV Maison de DuBois

Posted by Selene Avent on


To understand V:IV Maison de DuBois  you have to understand our past. On May 4, 2018 the Maison de (House of) DuBois company was conceived, so the “V:IV” of our brand & company name is actually the conception date.

We sought to bring products to market that primarily would benefit our target audience and allow them to experience a new and unique avenue of luxury and comfort. We then wanted to empower financial freedom and the growth of a timeless and universal black owned business; one that could be patronized and used with confidence by all.

  We’re looking to embody our brand as that of other luxury lines from France. While our inspiration maybe inline with luxury brands, we look to separate ourselves which is an ode to our ancestors. 

As a Black Owned business we feel it’s our responsibility to not only represent the culture, but to also bring  a broad range of diverse ideas to fruition. As you shop V:IV you will find unique and versatile pieces that can fit into your home or wardrobe no matter what kind of person you may be.

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